Join us at the Virtual NextGen Health Care Summit

For Pacific Northwest Business Leaders

June 4th, Zoom Conference

Why Attend?

  • This event is not about a country in crisis – this is an executive forum to respond to a crisis.
  • Your proactive strategy involves preserving cash, keeping customers, projecting the recovery and choosing control over chaos.
  • To forecast your next 120 days, “control” is your most powerful tool. 
  • After payroll, health care is your second or third largest expense and – until today – conventional wisdom held that cost-containment of your healthcare spend is a binary choice: pay the claims or drop your healthcare plan. 
  • The conventional wisdom is dead wrong. 

Conference Agenda

C-Suite Survival: How to Make Health Care a Controllable Cost

9am - 10:30am PST

How to Transition from "Shopping Rates" to Controlling Costs

12pm - 1pm PST

NextGen Solution Spotlight Sessions

2:30am - 4pm PST

Meet the NextGen Network! Happy Hour with Case Studies and Special Guests

5pm - 6pm PST


The Virtual NextGen Health Care Executive Summit features best-selling authors and nationally recognized health care experts.

Nelson Griswold

Managing Director, NextGen Benefits Network

Chris Wolpert

Managing Partner, GBS

Gary Becker

​CEO, ​Enlighten Analytics, ScriptSourcing, & Becker Benefits

Deb Ault, RN, MBA

President, Ault Intl. Medical Management

Victoria Andrews

​Family Nurse Practitioner at Vera Whole Health

Scott Wick

​Executive Director at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy

Julian Lago

​President of Benezon & creator of the "Stay Safe Health Kit"

Eric Silverman

​Author, Speaker, and Founder of Voluntary Disruption

Lunch Sponsor

Lifestyle Health Plans

The Virtual NextGen Health Care Summit - Pacific Northwest is presented by GBS


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