The POWER of partnerships.

The ADVANTAGES of membership.

Cheer Dance Health creates $1,500+ savings per insured employee per year while enhancing benefits programs

Too Good To Be True...? 

The Cheer Dance Health program, exclusively available to USASF members, is letting businesses drive massive savings to their bottom line while improving overall benefits to their employees.


20%+++ Savings.

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Really 20%+ Savings?

YES! Of course, your situation will determine your specific savings but compared to the normal yearly increases, any decrease is welcomed! Your savings may be substantial! 

Better Benefits

The Cheer Dance Health program provides more than just basic coverage. Employers can enhance their current plans meaning happier, healthier, more productive employees.

Exclusive Program

Cheer Dance Health works because it leverages the buying power of the USASF membership - Your membership fee continues to provide a huge ROI to your business!

Plan Overview

For decades, businesses across the US have been facing an ever- growing challenge that has now become a crisis. Increasing employer healthcare costs are a top three expense for most organizations, compelling employers into the impossible position of choosing between bad outcomes. Cheer Dance Health provides members ACA-compliant major medical solutions that leverage the buying power of your group utilizing multiple A-rated carriers.

What makes Cheer Dance Health unique?

  • Level-funded group health plans underwritten A- rated carriers or better according to AM Best that utilize the collective buying power of your chamber to reduce costs!
  • Premium savings ranging from 10-20% compared to traditional carrier plans.
  • High-performance plan designs with choice of national networks.
  • Provider reimbursement options highlighted by our unique Safe Harbor Facilities, Patient Advocacy and Health Literacy programs.
  • Individualized Case Management program designed to help determine the best course of care for patients.
  • Integrated wellness & disease management programs available.
  • Integrated features that include transparent pharmacy benefits, integrated telemedicine, lab benefits, diabetic management coverage and more!
  • Available for groups down to 2 covered lives with no minimum participation requirements!


Affordable group health benefits represent one of the top challenges for our members and we have a solution! Cheer Dance Health is a unique, ACA-compliant group health benefits solution designed to help group members strategically manage their Total Cost of Ownership of their health and wellness plans.

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