OSHA’s Anti-retaliation Rules for ACA

Do you know that Fed-OSHA has regulations on whistleblowing and employer retaliation under the Affordable Care Act? The rules set forth procedures and time frames for reporting and processing whistleblower complaints by employees against their employers and expand the instances in which an employee can sue their employer for retaliation under the ACA. […]

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HDHP Enrollees More Likely to Consider Costs and Quality

A new study has found that people enrolled in high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) actually are more likely to consider costs and quality when considering non-emergency care. The 14th annual “Consumer Engagement in Health Care” study by the Employee Benefits Research Institute and market research firm Greenwald & Associates surveyed 2,100 adults, most of whom receive [...]

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As Drug Prices Skyrocket, This Top 10 List Will Shock You

It’s no secret that the cost of pharmaceuticals is going through the roof. You’ve heard the stories of price-gouging by some companies that have jacked up prices thousands of percent. Drug costs are starting to weigh heavily on the cost of care, in turn driving up health insurance premiums, which individuals, employees and employers are [...]

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Despite Ruling That ACA Is Invalid, the Law Stands for Employers

A ruling by a U.S. District Court judge in December 2018 that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional is not expected to stand but, if it does, the moves that have been made in the health insurance space to reduce costs, deliver better care outcomes and make the system more efficient would be expected to [...]

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