Spending Dollars to Save Dimes?

The featured speaker at this year's seminar was Chris Wolpert, owner and founder of GBS Benefits Group.

Seminar attendees were presented with Chris' expert insights on the current state of the group health benefits industry, how industry changes are affecting employers, and actions you can take to put your business in the best position possible, as well as position your department in a fiscal best-case-scenario.

In this video, you'll learn:

  • Why health care plan renewal costs keep rising
  • How to shop for health care plans for your company
  • Best practices for cost containment
  • How to be accountable to the results of your company's health care unit
  • How overpriced drugs are affecting your company's profits
  • How to drive your company's health care quality upward, while keeping your costs down

Sorry, You Missed It.

This Video Is No Longer Available For Viewing.

You may get in touch with Chris to request a special access.


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