Concerns Rise Over Letting Employers Fund HRAs for Individual Health Plans

Employers, health insurers, regulators and hospitals are all raising concerns about the Trump administration’s rules issued last year that allow employers to fund health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) that their workers can use to purchase health plans on the open market. The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, IRS and the Department of Labor issued the [...]

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New Rule Allows Employers to Pay Workers to Buy Their Own Health Coverage

The Trump administration has issued new rules that would allow employers to provide workers with funds in health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) that can be used to purchase health insurance on the individual market. The rule reverses a long-standing part of the Affordable Care Act that carried hefty fines of up to $36,500 a year per [...]

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Proposed Rule Would Allow Employers to Reimburse Staff for Health Premiums

The Trump administration is moving ahead with new regulations that would make it easier for employers to enter into health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) with their employees, a practice that can be severely penalized under the Affordable Care Act. Under the proposed regulations – issued by the departments of Labor, Treasury and Health and Human Services [...]

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