Many Workers Struggle with Medical Bills, Despite Having Insurance

A new survey has found that many American workers are struggling with medical bills even though they have employer-sponsored health plans. The good news from the survey was that 81% of respondents said they had health insurance, which meant they were 19% more financially fit than people without insurance. They were also happier. The survey [...]

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How Employers Can Fight the High Cost of Diabetes

Diabetes is a devastating illness – and not just for those with the disease. Employers are also shouldering massive and increasing direct and indirect costs due to diabetes. Diabetes afflicts more than 11% of the adult population, including about 6.3% of full-time workers and 9.1% of part-time workers. Adults with diabetes incur more than $8,480 [...]

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Employers Say Pharmacy Benefit Manager Contracts too Complex, Opaque

Three in five employers think their contracts with pharmacy benefit managers are overly complex and not transparent, according to a new study. The study, which found that employers would prefer that PBMs are more transparent with their pricing and would like them to focus less on rebates and value-based designs, comes as PBMs are under [...]

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