Alternative Group Plan Funding Gets a Second Look

Watching their group health plan premiums climb higher with each passing year, some employers start looking into alternative funding strategies in hopes they can get a better handle on their employees' health costs. While group plans are the standard, larger employers have typically had more options for funding their group health coverage. But now even [...]

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Trends Shaping Health Insurance and Health Care in 2020

As a new decade begins, the health insurance industry is on the cusp of making a leap towards improved, higher-tech management of health plan participants. A recent paper by Capgemini, an insurance technology and consulting firm, predicts the following trends that will be taking shape in the health insurance industry and how they may affect [...]

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New Rule Allows Employers to Pay Workers to Buy Their Own Health Coverage

The Trump administration has issued new rules that would allow employers to provide workers with funds in health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) that can be used to purchase health insurance on the individual market. The rule reverses a long-standing part of the Affordable Care Act that carried hefty fines of up to $36,500 a year per [...]

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Even After Insurance, Washington Family Faces $96K Medical Bill | Tacoma Benefit Advisors

Ryan Hansen knew something was wrong. The 15-year old felt dizzy, his heart raced and his hip hurt when he walked. So his mother took Ryan to an urgent care in Vancouver. An advice nurse agreed that something was very wrong. Ryan needed to get to the emergency room immediately. Ryan’s mother, Jamie Hansen, rushed [...]

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Americans Are Not Happy with Their Health Insurance | Seattle Benefit Advisors

Consumers aren’t too wild about their health insurance companies, according to the latest evaluation from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. People protest Trump health care policies. Photo: David McNew/AFP/Getty Images How it works: The ACSI is based on interviews with about 250,000 people per year about different industries. It assigns a numerical score, between 0 [...]

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