Even After Insurance, Washington Family Faces $96K Medical Bill | Tacoma Benefit Advisors

Ryan Hansen knew something was wrong. The 15-year old felt dizzy, his heart raced and his hip hurt when he walked. So his mother took Ryan to an urgent care in Vancouver. An advice nurse agreed that something was very wrong. Ryan needed to get to the emergency room immediately. Ryan’s mother, Jamie Hansen, rushed [...]

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Coverage On-Call: Trading traditional health care for concierge docs | Seattle Benefit Advisors

Health care costs consistently rank among the top concerns for American families. But many are trading the traditional care for a more 'direct' option. They're cutting out the middle man...of using insurance for every visit—and instead only using it for major medical. The growing trend of concierge doctors is picking up steam in the Ozarks...and [...]

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Americans Are Not Happy with Their Health Insurance | Seattle Benefit Advisors

Consumers aren’t too wild about their health insurance companies, according to the latest evaluation from the American Customer Satisfaction Index. People protest Trump health care policies. Photo: David McNew/AFP/Getty Images How it works: The ACSI is based on interviews with about 250,000 people per year about different industries. It assigns a numerical score, between 0 [...]

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5 Themes That Will Drive Healthcare Marketing In 2019 | Tacoma Benefit Advisors

Healthcare companies are facing many of the same marketing challenges as the retail, banking, technology, and consumer package goods sectors. In the age of the consumer, the power dynamic has flipped. Today’s consumer has more information, more options, and more convenient alternatives to meet their needs than ever before―and they have it instantly, 24/7, on the [...]

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Gary Gottlieb Is Bullish on Amazon in Health Care | Seattle Benefit Advisors

Amazon's health-care ambitions shouldn't be underestimated, says industry veteran. Gary Gottlieb is in a prime spot to see how technology companies are shaking up health care. A trained psychiatrist who previously ran Partners Healthcare in Boston, one of the largest hospitals in the country, Gottlieb is currently CEO of Partners in Health, which focuses on [...]

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